Liberty Ranch specializes in preconditioning calves for ourselves and others. We define “preconditioning” as taking a small (350 pounds to 450 pound) calf and giving them their calf hood vaccines and other necessary medications and then turning them out in our 15 to 30 acre grass pens to grow. By feeding them a well designed ration of forage, protein and starch, so they will have white fat, they will grow with us for about 45 to 75 days and then be sold to others to take them to the next size level. They will be watched closely for signs of sickness and treated accordingly. They’ll also have free choice mineral and fresh water during that time.

We feed and care for the calves on a daily basis and if you’re in one of our cabins you can watch us feed and work calves. Occasionally we’ll be shipping calves out or receiving new ones on any given day.  We generally have one or two calves for sale that are available for processing, just check with us for availability. 

Liberty Ranch

1660 County Road 2491, Pawhuska, OK 74056


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