Horse Boarding

At Liberty Ranch we have 5 spots available for horse boarding. The only other horses will be the owner of the ranch and the owner of the cattle. 

As one of the many benefits of having your horse at Liberty Ranch you’ll be offered the experience of being a true ranch hand. The cattle owner practices rotational grazing which require several moves per year as well as working and weaning the calves. Even if you are not a tried and true ranch hand you can still join the group and learn how all this cattle work is done and find your place in the group. 

At Liberty Ranch we have most of the normal amenities offered at any horse boarding facility. We offer stall board and pasture board, hay, and feed for an additional cost. We have 6 paddocks that are approximately 4 acres each, all of which have shelters with Bermuda and native grasses and we also offer 6,500+ acres for you to ride on your own. Please contact us for an in-person visit for you and your horse.  We would love to have you jump on board with us at Liberty Ranch!


Liberty Ranch

1660 County Road 2491 Pawhuska, OK 74056


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